Things are going well.

I’m honestly glad to say that things are going well for a change. I’m actually seeing something different in Jorgen. I’m feeling the reciprocated feelings that I don’t usually feel with anyone else. It brings me joy.
Today me and Paige were talking about it, and getting on a deeper level of thought about life and out perspective as opposed to most others. It was nice to get on that level of understanding with her. We do seem to have nice talks about that most of the time though.
I’m actually content.

It sickens me how decisions are made to glorify a specific group of people. I’m sorry, but the last time I checked, your opinion will never influence my life or my thought process. No one’s life will influence mine, unless I say it does. It’s my own life, not any one else’s. You want to control who I love? Good luck, I’ll get married elsewhere. Let’s amp it up a bit, and lets give small corporations the power to enforce their own personal beliefs upon you. Lets control the heath care they shall receive. Let’s give these small businesses the power to control you based on their own moral views. I’m sorry, but how is a vasectomy any different from a “morning after” pill? Both are preventing life. Tell me, how one is covered, and one is not under a health care that your business provides? I don’t see any equality in this. I see discrimination.

I can’t sleep.